we love Bark+!
"I've bought many other high qty/low price bags,
most are usually thin and small.  These are the
thickest and largest bags I've seen for such a low
price.  These are a great deal def worth it" - Andy
"I have bought all kinds of bags for my dogs.  These
bags are the best.  The bags come with a dispenser
which works well in conjunction with these bags.  Once
loaded the bag dispenser cuts the bags at the
perforation when you pull the bags out of the dispenser"
- Charles A.W.
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"Innovative design, the
dispenser is an
innovative design that I
have not seen before.  
It works just as
described.  I would
highly recommend!" -
"Good quality dog waste bags.  
I went through a box 1000
without a single defective bag,
the dispenser that comes with it
works great.  Next time I'm
ordering two" - Adam G
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"These bags are great - separate quickly, first time
every time!  Also the holder has a little tab that helps
to separate the bags and seems to begin the process
of opening the bag up.   Here is the best way to keep
your poop together! " - Htownhman

Bark+™ dog pickup bags is a new concept in the poop bag
industry.  Our unique "dispenser and bag" combination
dispenses and tears a single bag along its perforation with
a single hand pull!  No more looking for the perforation line
when you are walking at night!  Our patented dispenser also
stops the roll of pickup bags from unraveling, so extra bags
will not be dangling off.  No other bags or dispensers have
these functionalities.  

Try us out, you will be