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Dogs and humans have been living
side-by-side for about 15,000 years.
We know each other pretty well!
Fun Fact!
A dog named Laika became the
first dog to orbit Earth in 1957 via a
Soviet Sputnik spaceship!
Fun Fact #2!
Researchers have found that when
children grow up in a home with a
dog they are less likely to develop
allergies.  People who own dogs live
longer & have less stress.
Fun Fact #3!
Bark+™ is a family owned business.  We sold
our first bag in Illinois in 2012!  Although
relatively new to the pet supplies industry, we
are dinosaurs in the plastic film industry.  With
over 33+ years of experience, we understand
the importance of unwavering commitment to
quality, service, and exceeding our customer's
expectations.  With our love for dogs and a
fresh approach to the dog bag business, we
created Bark+™.  Using a concept & idea
carried over from packaging produce &
vegetables, we are introducing a dispenser
which is truly unique.  No more frustrations with
finding the perforation line on the bags, no more
extra bags unraveling, falling, and dangling from
the dispenser!  We are always looking for new
ideas to innovate and to stay ahead of the

We at Bark+™ appreciate and thank all the
good work from our friends at animal rescues,
adoption centers, and animal clinics.  We will
stay committed to donating thousands of bags &
stay active in fund-raising efforts.  We

Stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, and
this website!  We are always introducing exciting
new products and welcome your ideas &
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