Bark+ dispenser self catches the bag along the perforation line and tears
with one pull.  When used in conjunction with Bark+
waste bags, the
dispenser is amazing.  One pull, self tears, and you're done.  No need to
look for the perforation line.  No unraveling of bags.  Ever.  Coreless by
design.  When you are done with your roll, there are no plastic or paper
cores to throw away.  No extra waste.

Give us a try, you will be amazed.  No other poop bag dispenser on the
market has these functionalities.
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"Form follows function" - Horatio Greenough
according to Wikipedia, it is a principal associated with modern architecture and industrial design in the 20th century.  The principle is that the shape of a building or object
should primarily based upon its intended function or purpose.

Stuart Codling, author of "The Art of the Supercar" offers his insight into the design world of automobile that follows this theory the best with the Lamborghini Miura, Ferrari 612,
and the Ariel Atom.  

We embrace this thinking at Bark+™.  What does form follows function have to do with poop bags??  Bark+™ is the Ferrari of poop bags!  We designed our dispenser to be like
no others out there.  Our dispenser is not "bone shaped" for no reason at at, it doesn't look like a fire hydrant, or have faux leather with a zipper pouch.  What our dispenser
does well in is what it is intended to do as designed!  It self tears the poop bags with one hand pull and stops the following bags from unraveling.  Try us out, you will be amazed!