160 bags on rolls
Available in
pink blue black

We want to change the way you see dog pickup waste
bags.  To us it's not just a bag.  Our refill bags are
designed to fit in our special dispensers - but will also fit in
most common dispensers in the market.

Our bag & dispenser combination makes tearing along the
perforation a seamless process.  Just one pull, one hand.  
You don't even have to look.  The dispenser will also stop
the preceding bag, getting it ready for your next use.
Bark+™ Pantry & Outdoor Waste
Station Bags  
Available in

The 300 bags per roll box is the perfect solution for those that
prefer to carry the bags in their pockets or tie it on the leash.  
Also designed for self dispensing waste station stands used
at parks, camp ground, apartment buildings & dog parks.  
The bag dispenses from the top and tears easily.
Did you know that
according to The Humane
Society of the United States,
there are approximately
78.2 million owned dogs in
the United States?!   Thats a
lot of poopy to pick up!  No
worries, we're here to help!
More Fun Facts!
More than twenty percent
of owned dogs are adopted
from an animal shelter.  
Thumbs up for all the good
job animal rescues &
shelters are doing!
Fun Fact!
Bark+™ Dispenser.  
Available in
pink blue black

Like nothing you've ever seen.  Our unique dispenser pulls,
cuts, and self tears in one single hand action.  Night time
pickups are easier; bags do not unravel and the next bag
stays in place.  Amazing!  No other dispenser on the market
has this feature.
Did you know a dog's wet
nose helps them smell and
control body temperature?  
Dogs have sweat glands at
their nose & on the pads of
their feet.  The moist nose
also absorbs scent chemicals
in the air!
Wet Nose Fun Facts!
Super Value Pack! 1000 bags - 50 rolls
Available in
pink blue black

We've received overwhelmingly positive feedback on our
1000 bags super value pack.  Our fans are raving about
how much they are saving and how long it will be until
they need another box.  

Less packaging, less waste, less trips to the stores!!
Bark+™ Dispenser + 20 Bags
Available in

Once you go Bark+ you'll never go back.  Try out our unique
dispenser's pulls, cuts, and self tearing function with the
dispenser + 20 bags bubble pack.  Keep one in your car,
diaper bag, or purse.  No other dispenser on the market has
this feature.
Bark+™ Handle Waste Bags  
Available in

Our traditional handle waste bags comes packed 120 bags
per box.  The box easily opens from the front for easy and
neat bag dispensing use.  These classic unscented bags ties
off easily with handles on each side and provides an
additional 4 inches of width for bigger dogs with bigger
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