Michael S.
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Meet the TEAM
Adam Z
vice president
Michael's passion for running and biking led him to Penn State

University.  He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in

Finance and Accounting.  In 2007 he moved to Illinois and

created Bark+, with a mission of designing innovative

products.  Michael believes that there's always a better way to

do things, and carries this motto with him when developing new

products and helping customers find a solution to their needs.  

When he's not helping his customers at Bark+, he loves fishing

and spending time with his family.
Adam grew up in Wisconsin, went to school in Arizona and

recently moved to Illinois.  He is the multi-tasking king and

makes sure every customers' needs are met.  Adam loves working

with people and developing long lasting relationships.  Adam has won

many accolades and surpassed many revenue goals at his previous

career with a large retail corporation.  His expertise in products and

logistics keeps Bark+ in order.  Adam is also an avid Green Bay

Packers fan and fellow Cheesehead.
Brittney is the go to person for everything Bark+.  She works

closely with distributors and retailers on managing the Bark+ brand.

Brittney graduated UCLA with a major in marketing.  Brittney's work

is reflected on Bark+'s color box designs and attention to various social

media channels.  She loves skiing and models on the side for her

sister's clothing line.
Brittney Y
brand manager
products specialist
Originally from Texas, Chase grew up in a large family

of 11 and quickly moved to New York City.  After experiencing

city life for 42 dog years, he decided to settle down in the suburbs

of Illinois.  Every product at Bark+ is testing by Chase extensively

without bias.  Chase understands the dog waste bag business

well and frequently exams and reviews competing products.  On the

weekends Chase can be found sniffing, eating, and sleeping.